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(New Orleans Quality Mascot Rental)                                                                                (This Head Piece Wraps Around You)

Masks & Mascots:

We have hundreds of latex masks, and masquerade masks. We also have several different animal mascots, and popular characters. We are associated with a professional mascot designer that worked for Disney, who can create good, affordable mascots to your liking. CALL FOR A PRICE QUOTE

Samples of Masks:

(Bart Simpson, Astronaut, Spiderman)

   (Pinhead, Peter, Devil, Frankenstein, Merlin)

(Scary Masks, Saw, Scream, Joker, etc.)

    (Masquerade Masks)

Samples of Mascots:

(Most are custom made by a former Disney costume professional, and can take a week or two to order, some are in stock, and available now)

(Monkey ) 100



(Hot Dog)

   (Chili Pepper)


If You want a Mask, or Mascot thats not featured on this site, call and we can get it. (321) 633-6600 or 321-615-8183